We are getting uber cyber!

The blog says goodbye now because I am doing video updates from now on :) A comprehensive list of links follow soon.

http://www.game-warden.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=89 - the forums
http://www.hard-light.net/forums/index.php?topic=66841.20 - the hiring topic on HLP
http://www.youtube.com/user/SyrkDev - the YouTube channel

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AT4W Mechakara Conclusion (non-Syrk)

Since I don’t have the means necessary to make any sort of video (not even voice recording) now, I have to go down in text and tell HERE on a totally unrelated note that I was fairly disappointed by the Mechakara conclusion.

EDIT: Stuff moved to a TGWTG blog: http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/community/blog/17247

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1 Year Anniversary

As you've heard we've put together a little video as this is the Syrk project's 1st birthday, so to speak. Link here.
It is absolutely fascinating that my dreams are coming to fruition. We've progressed an incredible lot in the last month and the RL issues stopped interfering with my business :)

This video was a real nightmare to make. I've spent 15 and a half hours (no kidding) making it, in less than 24 hours. Basically my daily program was sleeping+video making.
0) I've spent one hour searching for the correct soundtrack.
1) Recording the raw material with Fraps. Oops, we've updated the mod and all the missions (and now the old FS2-made ones) are unusable. -> Rewrite the missions from scratch along with dragonsniper.
2) I went to sleep after we've finished the mission rewriting - it was 05:00 here. Tomorrow (today :D) I decided to finally film all the stuff.
3) I've went through the missions (like 1 hours total) only to discover that the recorded file got corrupted.
4) I've went through the missions (like 1 hours total) only to discover that Fraps didn't record anything at all.
5) I've went through the missions (like 1 hours total) only to discover that the Ulead VideoStudio can't use .avi files.
6) I've converted the files to .mp4 . Didn't work again.
7) I've converted the files to .wmv . They've worked but it looked like crap. I've dropped Ulead and went back to the dreaded Windows Movie Maker.
8) I've made the video but it turned out that the raw material wasn't enough. Went back to recording again.
9) I've uploaded the video to YouTube but after 40 minutes it aborted the upload.
10) I've uploaded the video to YouTube but after 40 minutes it aborted the upload. No mistake, I've tried it again and it aborted it again.
11) I've converted the video to .wmv . I uploaded it, it looked like crap.
12) I've uploaded the video to YouTube AND FINALLY IT WORKED!

Damn... that was a long day...

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Wiki page!

I soooo forgot to post this:

On the other hand, ships done. Weapons are ongoing, soon enough we can start the actual FREDding.
This quick progression implies that we might be able to come out with THE THINGY.

To be honest, I cannot really help the group with modding issues. I can, of course, name the ships that'll be used later on but this all I can do. At least we're progressing now.

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Forum redone, ships done

The mods are working now, dragonsniper and Dragon started to implement them. Sadly, I can't really assist them in that regard.
I made a 9 page-long text in 6 hours as "Syrk Reference Bible" and totally redesigned the forums. The old, unused threads were merged into a "dump thread".

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Well, we're quiet. The issue being we can't use some/most of the ships I was originally planning to use. The worst is that I can't help the guys with modding and there is very little progress if I'm not telling them exactly what to do :S or so it seems, it might be RL for everyone.

I wish I'd know more about modding...

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!
No release for now, sorry :( It'll come for New Year's Eve if everything goes fine, but it isn't sure yet.

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Dragon is here!

We've got Dragon onboard. This makes me really happy. Unfortunately he cannot access the private forums yet and I am almost sure that I'll have to use FS2 ships for the stuff.

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Screenshot bloopers

Screenshots done! Screenshots uploaded (they're a bit too big, I resize them next time).
I was making these shots by setting Fraps to automatically make a screenshot every 5 seconds since wasn't sure that I'll be able to press "1" while being chased by 8-16 Shivan fighters while being in external view.
Because of that, there were some stupid footage I really didn't want to record :D
I will add much more but the interface is half-dead and I am unable to add any more pictures to any posts.


Contestants for the "Most boring in-mission screenies":

I am hit:

Bloopers AKA stuff I really didn't want to record:

And here is the footage of my totally dark monitor, which you'll probably no

(this was actual gameplay footage!)

And the greatest mistake I made while recording...
...I accidentally pressed the "Transform-to-Mario"-button.

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The day of nothingness

Damn. The clock is ticking and we have only 5 days left to do the stuff. Dragon is nowhere to be found. Well, he said that he'll have loads of free time so I hope that he'll contact me or the others soon. It'll take a shitload of time to implement those mods and finish the necessary FREDding.
Other than that, the school is officially over today. I have one last stuff to do, I most probably won't be able to finish it today though.
Anyway, I am waiting. Waiting... waiting... waiting...
Oh, I am putting up a few screenshots to the site. Stay tuned!

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